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Copywriter Piotr Polok

We’ve been creating content
for over 10 years

The adventure with content was supposed to be fun, but eventually it became a passion and a way to earn a living. I didn’t understand and plan everything, but I realize that I use the experiences from the past in my work as a copywriter today. And this work often isn’t easy – it requires commitment and generates quite a bit of adrenaline. And that’s why I like it.

I started in a local newspaper, where I wrote about things nobody wanted to write about. I moved to radio to record street surveys, learn editing and working with the microphone, while simultaneously looking for ways to battle time.

I transitioned to national television to participate in creating materials for main and thematic channels. Working hours under pressure, research, calling up guests, recording, calling again, collaborating with centers all over Poland, night shifts, and a lot of satisfaction from the final effect.

Text Specialists

Years of working in media, and then in advertising agencies and marketing departments as a copywriter and content manager, have made the brand continuously develop since 2012.

Today, together with my team, I help companies and individual clients, co-create the podcast “About advertising on the internet: for whom, how much, and why?”, consult on projects, conduct training, and run a blog. And most importantly – it brings me a lot of joy.

Contact me and let’s work together! And maybe even see each other in person, for example at marketing conferences!

Meet Our Team


Piotr Polok

Involved with content since 2012. Co-creator of the podcast "About advertising on the internet: for whom, how much, and why?".

At, I am responsible for customer contact, creating and implementing marketing campaigns, and producing podcasts. I analyze needs, suggest solutions, and oversee the projects being conducted.

I provide comprehensive assistance to Polish and foreign clients in areas of copywriting, marketing consultations, websites, and broadly defined online advertising.

I devise marketing plans and text schemes, select keywords, create content, and optimize it to be user-friendly (User Experience) and in accordance with search engine guidelines (SEO). I also work with clients on scripts for podcasts.

Content Manager, Copywriter

Nina Świłło

Creating content since 2012. Vice President of the Wrocław Association for Video Game Research and Development "Game UP".

At, I am responsible for creating texts, as well as editing and proofreading ready content. I also engage in conceptual work, participating in the design of websites and advertising materials.

I make sure that the message is clear, engaging, and original, but above all – consistent with the Client’s intentions.

I prepare publications of an informational, marketing, and educational nature, including those compliant with search engine guidelines (SEO). I specialize in topics related to culture and art, literature, psychology, new technologies, and video games.

Copywriter, Podcast Specialist

Natalia Siuta

Active journalist and copywriter. Co-creator of the podcast "About advertising on the internet: for whom, how much, and why?".

At, I am responsible for conducting interviews, as well as creating content for offers, blogs, and much longer forms.

I collaborate with clients who need help preparing texts that then go online or into traditional media. I assist in creating scripts for audio recordings and prepare clients for producing their own podcasts.

I advise and consult on how to work with a microphone and how to approach a specific topic. I am also involved in the editing, description, and distribution of episodes.

Content Manager, Project Manager

Edyta Kita

Working in marketing since 2018. Combines the roles of Content and Project Manager.

I’ve been involved in marketing since 2018. At, I am responsible for research, keyword analysis, content creation, and SEO optimization. I manage projects, prepare content plans and content structures. I maintain relationships with clients from Poland and abroad.

I specialize in topics related to health, psychology, sociology, zoology, beauty, and sports. I create blog articles, category and product descriptions, as well as PR texts and sponsored articles. I also conduct content audits, taking into account their linguistic, stylistic, and substantive correctness.

In the texts I create, I place a great emphasis on a high level of expertise, coherence of the message conveyed, and originality. I make sure that the content is consistent with the client’s vision, creative, and engaging for the target user.

Content Creator, Copywriter

Patrycja Gwardiak

Currently on maternity leave.