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If you run a business and want to enter the Polish market or you work in an advertising agency and are looking for support, we are able to help. We work with online stores and service website owners as well as foreign agencies that conduct their marketing activities in Poland.

Online advertising specialist

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We can comprehensively run an advertising campaign or provide support in one of the following areas:

  • Copywriting
  • SEO Copywriting
  • Content marketing
  • Google Ads
  • Social Media
  • Newsletter content
  • Blog support
  • Website positioning and optimization
  • Creating content plans and selecting keywords
  • Creating websites

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Make yourself visible in Google

An internet search engine has become a valid part of our lives. We type all of our doubts, advice or opinions into the window and press “search” for results. We do the same while looking for information regarding events, news from the world, or anything really. The only difference is the typed words: “shoes”, “loan”, “TV”, “books” – but we all need answers. Simply put: advertising is for everyone. It is a form of communication between the person offering (products, services, content) and those seeking a specific product or service.

Online advertising is dedicated to any company, regardless of the industry. It is used by businesses from the SME sector, as well as corporations and micro-enterprises. It is convenient for brands that advertise entire offers or selected categories and products, while creating dedicated pages (landing pages) displayed through specific keywords (phrases).

Content and SEO

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100% Advertising

Advertising is something that should be considered as soon as the decision is made to create a website. It’s especially important in terms of optimizations and settings related to future activities, allowing you to save time and money while developing and implementing the postulates of a marketing campaign that will make online advertising effective.

A well-planned strategy, its implementation and monitoring, increases the chances of gaining higher search engine positioning than the competition. The online advertising I offer includes copywriting and all activities related to an extensive content marketing plan. If you need a comprehensive service, I’m here to help.