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Most e-clients check product and category descriptions before making a purchase. They are usually the reason why a customer decides to make an order. That’s why such content should be of the highest quality. I will write professional product and e-commerce category descriptions compliant with UX and SEO for your online store guaranteeing they will significantly increase your sales.

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Content for your e-commerce

I prepare compelling product descriptions that allow presenting the goods in the best possible way in order to encourage clients to make a purchase. Attractive, substantive content can effectively win over a client. With its help, you’re not only able to present all the most important information about a product, but also show its application and advantages.

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Content for UX and SEO

High quality goods are only a part of the success – you need to know how to sell them. Multiple studies have shown that internet users dedicate much time to reading product descriptions while shopping online. An intriguing text can draw attention and create a memorable impression, allowing a user to feel like they found a solution to a particular problem or discovered a new way to enhance their quality of life.

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According to the common rules

I write creative, engaging texts, adjusting their style to a specific target group. I use popular sales techniques like the language of benefits. I also take care of writing the content in pitch-perfect Polish, according to the common rules of punctuation, grammar, spelling, etc.