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Make sure that the content you publish is of the highest quality. I offer comprehensive editing and proofreading of texts in terms of grammar, punctuation, spelling and stylistics in Polish. I take care of linguistic correctness, as well as clarity of the message, interesting form, etc. Good text is not only valuable content – every mistake discourages further reading and affects your brand’s image. Correct Polish language and factuality is a combination expected by internet users.

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Style, grammar and terminology

By editing and proofreading the text, it’s possible to give it a final touch and make it ready for publication. Working on content takes time, so an outsider’s perspective is often indispensable to maintain high quality of the text. Refined content has a positive impact on your company’s image, guaranteeing a professional appearance before your audience.

Even minor mistakes and shortcomings are treated as a lack of professionalism. As a result, they can significantly reduce the level of credibility and trust. Thanks to the editing and proofreading of the text, an author can publish the content on the website or in traditional media without any worries, and at the same time achieve the expected results.

I offer comprehensive editing and proofreading, checking texts in terms of style, grammar and terminology.  Please note that I perform both services together or separately, as the terms “editing” and “proofreading” don’t mean the same thing and shouldn’t be used interchangeably.

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Attention to the quality and the consistency of the content

Text proofreading means correcting linguistic errors (spelling, punctuation, grammar, lexical, stylistic and logical). In this case, I will help you refine the content, spotlighting e.g. typos, repetitions, incorrect conjugations, and other linguistic blunders.

Text editing covers a much wider scope and includes proofreading, too. In addition, I pay attention to the quality and the consistency of the content (in terms of style and logic). When editing your text, I will make sure that it is not only linguistically correct, but also professional, engaging, accessible, persuasive, etc.

What needs to be mentioned, however, is that the service does not include the substantive evaluation of the text, especially in the case of specialized content. It covers only simple verification based on the provided data. I focus mainly on making the entire content consistent with the rules of the Polish language and attractive to the receivers. If you have more questions regarding the verification and improvement of the text, please visit the consultation tab.