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Invest in SEO content for your website. Gain traffic from the search engine for relevant keywords to get queries from users interested in your product or service. Use the potential of SEO copywriting and present your offer on the most popular advertising channel. Check the details!


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We write texts according to Google search engine guidelines. We choose adequate keywords and create a content scheme with proper headers, metadata and internal linking. We avoid keyword stuffing and low-quality content.

We help both online stores and service websites that need local or nationwide SEO. We can work comprehensively, relieving you from all your activities or be only a support and consultant.

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What is SEO copywriting?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) copywriting is creating content with keywords for which a site will be displayed by the search engine. It applies both to category descriptions (e.g. “garden furniture”) and product description (e.g. a table and four chairs), guides (e.g. “How to take care of the garden?”, and so called “long tail” texts (complex phrases consisting of 3 or more words, helping get more accurate search results). Ask for the product and category descriptions for your online store or a service website.

Copywriting SEO is a part of content marketing. Taking care of the substantive and proper content optimization enhances your chances for acquiring high search engine positioning in case of local queries (e.g. “garden furniture Warsaw”) and general (e.g. “garden furniture”).

It allows reaching a specific target group, i.e. potential clients who are particularly especially interested in a specific product or service. This way, you can promote a brand, build a positive company’s image, and enhance the organic traffic on a website, which can simultaneously increase sales.