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“Good advertising starts with content” – that is why it is so important to make it interesting and convincing for a reader who’s also a potential customer. Each industry involves a different group of recipients with different needs and tools to achieve goals. That’s why it’s not only content that’s essential, but also the way we present it. An original idea, a good text and proper promotion can build up your success.

Copywriting PL/EN

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Content in Polish and English

We create content in both Polish and English, offering texts for websites: page, category, and product descriptions, blog entries and sponsored articles, content marketing, as well as social media. Additionally, we create traditional content for advertising folders, leaflets or printed newspaper editions. We focus on quality, working on briefs and requiring the client’s support.

Do you run a business in many countries and want to enter the Polish market, or conduct activities for a client who plans on expanding to new markets? We will help you with both, website content creation, and conducting a comprehensive online marketing strategy in Poland.

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What is copywriting?

In a nutshell, copywriting is creating content for the purposes of marketing and advertising. I write texts used in outdoor and internet marketing campaigns, popularly known as digital marketing, paying special attention to where the ordered content will be posted. It’s one of the details that, apart from the target group or the characteristics of a product or service, should be established at the beginning of our cooperation.

The line between standard copywriting, seen on slogans on city banners or TV commercials, and internet copywriting is slowly blurring. At the same time, however, traditional and online copywriting have their own rules that remain unchanged.


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Content compliant with the search engine guidelines!

Creating texts for the internet requires sticking to the Google guidelines connected with content optimization, avoiding its duplication and proper linking. So, if you need content for the internet, i.e. category, product or company description, blog entries or sponsored articles, check the SEO copywriting tag.

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