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Consult your marketing and content strategy before going live. We offer thorough marketing support for online stores and service websites.

Copywriting consulting

The purpose of comprehensive copywriting consultations is to define the essential core of a newly created text and suggest potential changes to be made. I will tell you if the content is well optimized for the search engine, what is worth adding or removing, and what is a possible alternative.

Marketing consulting

Do you have an idea that needs to be polished? Not sure if the keyword groups you’ve chosen are sufficient, or what should the blog section and descriptions of specific subpages look like? I will gladly suggest a suitable solution.


Are you juggling a couple of projects and need an extra hand? Do you want to conduct a wide keyword research, select topics or outsource a keyword research and proofreading? Are you looking for general support in Digital Marketing? I can help with all of the above.

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