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Copywriter Piotr Polok

Copywriter on the market
since 2012

My adventure with content was supposed to be only for fun, yet ultimately turned into a passion and a career. I didn’t understand and planned everything, but today I’m able to use my past experience as a copywriter in my current job. It may not be easy, requiring commitment and generating quite a lot of adrenaline, but I think that’s why I like it so much.

I started off in a local newspaper writing about things nobody wanted to write about. Then, I got into radio to record street surveys, learn editing and work with a microphone, at the same time looking for methods of fighting against time.

I landed in a nationwide television station to participate in creating content for its main and thematic channels. It was hours of work under pressure, research, making calls, recordings, making even more calls, cooperating with centers all over Poland, night duty, and a huge satisfaction with the final result.

Professional Copywriter

Years of working in the media, advertising agencies and marketing departments as a copywriter and content manager, have made brand grow constantly since 2012. Together with team I help individual clients and companies from Poland and Europe, co-create a podcast about Digital Marketing, consult projects, conduct training and write a blog. And most importantly – it gives me a lot of joy.

Contact me and let’s work together! And maybe even see each other in person, for example at marketing conferences!